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4,000+ runners honor Glorious Fourth ear-lyFirecracker4

That’s what the Firecracker4 is all about. Get out early - run your heart out - then watch fireworks in the evening.

John Adams at the Signing said it would be celebrated with illuminations (fireworks.)

He should have seen our runners. He would have loved the race. And he would have loved knowing the Firecracker4 supports our Y, the Green Belt Iniative, Camp Abilities at Skidmore for the blind and visually impaired and our Saratoga track teams.

This year the Firecracker4 is lending its support to Ainsley’s Angels and Shaun Evans cross country run to fight CP.

This year Patrick Geoghegan won for the third time in 19:27. Hannah Davidson won for the fifth time in 21:07 (18th overall).

And the rains held off for the race. Yes, Peter someone up there supports your efforts.