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Community turns out to support atccf

ATCCF is Adirondack Trust Company Community Fund and tells you all about the fund.

But it doesn't give you the inner scoop which supporters at Longfellow's Restaurant heard October 22 from Charles V Wait, CEO of Adirondack Trust.

Global Foundries when it came to Malta felt an obligation to support local charities and it asked Charles if Saratoga had a community fund like the one in Glens Falls.

Charles had to answer no - and he said to himself - why don't we have a community fund?

Today, we have one and supporters gathered at Longfellows to hear how they could help atccf.

Donations fuel services and Wait told listeners about local businesses supporting the program and he emphasized the bank's commitment during October of matching every donation made to atccf. (If you're reading this Wednesday - one day left.) Check to see how you can help.