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The other downtown’s Season Starting Parade

The village of Ballston Spa likes to start every month off strong, which is why every First Friday features a celebration of some sort. And for the Holiday month of December, that means a big parade allowing all the different groups, businesses and organizations to march down main street to celebrate the village, and the season.

The parade started with the emergency responders who help keep us all safe. Then Toy’s for Tots marched accepting gift donations along the parade route. Though there was apparently some confusion about which group should be collecting the gifts, Anyone who came well before the beginning of the parade had the chance to walk the busy streets and listen to several street corner performances by groups of high school musicians playing festive holiday music. And after the parade, Santa came to front street to oversee the lighting of the village Christmas tree.

Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, whatever holiday you’ve celebrated we hope it was terrif-ic.