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Donít call me at 10 am for a noon story

Benita Zahn, news anchor for Channel 13 treated Chamber members at the monthly breakfast at Longfellow's Restaurant November 15 to insight how a news anchor handles stories.

She wants stories with a twist and news but please, don't call up the day before or that day and expect to find your story covered.

That's for Chamber members who would want TV coverage for their business.

Then, sa Channel 13's Health and Wellness guru, she talked about the big story - health in America. With the world going digital, what about our medical records and how is our confidential information being protected. And Benita urged everyone to ask their doctor how his or her records being digitally transcribed are protected.

When asked about the hugh costs of our health system, She mentioned the cost for final six months of a patent's life. Benita said traditional medical care has no better results and costs far more then hospice care and actually hospice provides longer life.

As Health and Wellness expert for Channel 13, Benita is a shining example of fitness. She started at Channel 13 thirty-one years ago and she looks the same today as she did then. Lovely to look at - lovely to talk to.

Susan Halstead, Chamber Board Chair, was acknowledged for her service to the Chamber. This was Susan's last breakfast as Chair.