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Marching for the Stars and Stripes

June Fourteenth is the day we set aside to honor the Flag, what it stands for, and the people who have fought and still fought to defend it. Since the Fourteenth is a Friday this year, Saratoga picked the previous Saturday as the better day to shut down Broadway so the parade could march. With bands, fire trucks, scouts of both genders, and members of community service organisations, all surrounding and supporting the veterans of our community.

A few standouts from the parade include the Saratoga Lions Club, who in addition to carrying an extra large flag, arranged to be led by a group of pups training to become seeing eye dogs.

In addition we had General and Mrs Grant, the Shriners supported Keystone Cops, 3 local school marching bands, a huge number of scouts both boy and girl, and of course the big firetrucks.