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Chamber Dinner Jan 2012

What a great test of commitment and loyalty.

Thursday evening January 26 was the pits. Snowing when the annual dinner meeting of the Saratoga Chamber at the City Center began and a sheet of ice covering vehicles when the dinner ended.

Still a minimum of empty chairs

Angelo Calbone, CEO of Saratoga Care and out-going Chamber Board Chair, was there to be honored and to act as MC.

Only two others would occupy the dais with Calbone. Susan Halstead of Family Vision Care Center and in-coming Chamber Chair and Todd Shimkus, Chamber president.

The Chamber's Annual Report for 2011 is now a video presentation and was projected behind Calbone. The Report would be sent to members over the internet, but members got a preview at the dinner..

After the Annual Report (only took 8 minutes) Linda Toohey, retiring Chamber Vice President was given a standing ovation in salute for her 32 years of service. Linda did not go to the dais but Angelo made it clear Linda would be honored before her retirement in June. Yes, Linda will be on the dais then.

Todd and Susan took to the dais to presnt Angelo with the wrought aluminum lawn jockey and one with a black mustache (Angelo has a mustache). The mustache could be taken off..

In Saratoga what could be more appropriate.

Todd ended the program by giving 5 words to characterize what laid ahead for the Chamber in 2012 "Sesquicentennial, Abu Dhabi and Collaboration."

Sesquicentennial would be preparations to celebrate 150 years of thoroughbred racing in Saratoga in 2013. Abu Dhabi, the coming on line of full production at Global Foundries. Collaboration -continuation of the volunteer efforts that made our Chamber one of the most successful Chambers in America.

Volunteers and commitment motivate our Chamber and the turnout of members on a wretched night is testament to that commitment.