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Chamber Business Showcase Oct 8 2011

Makes sense to deal with neighbors that's the whole idea of the Chamber of Commerce's Business Showcase on October 6 in the City Center.

Local businesses get to circulate and talk with other local businesses. Later the general public is invited in.

local restaurants like the Wishing Well sample their specialties.

Our local banks, Adirondack Trust, BSNB, Saratoga National are there.

You'll find Wesley and the Hospital. Allerdice and Allerdice RentAll, Cudney's and we were there to answer questions about our Reports.

This year the Show had a seminar on how our large local employers purchase services and goods.

If you'd like to have a booth in next year's show, you have to be a member of the Chamber. Call Jeff Shinaman at 584-3255 about this and other benefits of membership.