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Chamber of Commerse visits Global Foundries

The highlight of the special mixer of the Saratoga County Chambers of Commerce December 8 at the Tec-SMART Campus in Malta was the bus tours around the Global Foundries Tech Park.

We weren't able to leave the bus but the brilliantly lit Administration building, the chip plant with it's 200,000 square foot clean room (largest in the world) and the satellite buildings demonstrated what $5 billion will purchase.

Global Foundries people on the buses answered questions and gave updates on the progress of construction..

The Park is operating 24/7 and the filled parking lots gave testimony to the efforts to get this plant producing. You don't make money until you start selling product.

Chamber members also had the opportunity to check out programs that Hudson Valley (HVCC) has at the Tec/SMART campus. HVCC President Andy Matonak was there to welcome visitors.

Labs off the two-story center court had instructors to explain courses taught at the campus. The GE Turbine room was a favorite of visitors.