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Christinas Pizza Feb 2006

Everybody helps out on Super Bowl Sunday even Christina!

Pizza Etc 2 is now Christina's Pizzeria. John and Theresa Cannone bought Pizza Etc 2 from Eric and Melissa Jackson in December.

They also changed the name to Christina's Pizzeria in honor of their daughter Christina. The Cannone's also renovated the kitchen so that the Pizzeria could now offer dinners. They also are keeping the Pizzeria open 7 days a week.

A lot of work - longer hours - expanded menu - and with Super Bowl Sunday coming at the end of their first month in business a real challenge to face.

John Cannone says Super Bowl Sunday is the big day for take-out restaurants - especially, ones specializing in pizzas and wings.

So everybody was there early February 5 - and that included Christina who was there to help.

John says they didn't see much of the game - but they did see a lot of their New York style pizzas being tucked into boxes for delivery.

It was a great day - a great game - and people ate a lot of pizza.

Christina's Pizzeria is located in the Lake Elizabeth Plaza next to Cannone's Wines and Spirits (that is at the intersection of Northern Pines and Route 9).

Call 583-3781.