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Friendly Mountains Close By

You can get to either West or Willard Mountain in under a half-hour. That's any day and it's greatr for family outings. Forget about are we there it, dad.

Families find a great welcome, too. Both West and Willard believe skiing is a lifetime sport and the earlier you start, the longer you will be able to enjoy the sport.

So, the Ski Scholl at both Willard and West have lots of classes, plenty of instructors - and they emphasize levels.. Every year the child expands his or her mastery of the sport.

By the time they reach high school they are ready to try competitive skiing - that's downhill racing - slaloms.

Riders find plenty of activity, too. That's snowboarding. Older folks will find instructors to help them tune-up their form. Lots of instructors who love the sport. Not too long ago one of the instructors on weekends at Willard was our District Attorney Jim Murphy.

Jim's kids were in the programs at Willard and Jim said he just wanted to help people learn to ski.

Both Mountains have full lightning at night that's great for quick after supper excursions.

What's also nice for families is the tube parks at both West and Willard (call Willard to be sure the Tube Park is Open). If you haven't tried tubing, it takes no skill at all. You sit in an inner tube and let Isacc Newton propel you down the hill. Then the Rope tows you and the inner tube back up the mountain.

West Mountain is straight up the Northway to Exit 18 and drive west to the Mountain. You can't miss it.

Willard is a little more complicated. Take Rt 29 through Schuylerville across the Hudson to Rt 40. Drive South to Easton and Vly Sumit Road. Call West 793-6606. Willard 6902-7337.