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Grand Old Celebration for Grand Old Flag

Itís now a grand old tradition and celebration at Dorothy Nolan School. Every Flag Day the School salutes the Flag and presents honored guest with certificates and the Dorothy Nolan Medal in recognition of their services.

This year a new principal, Dana Bush (See Story Page 4) would continue the tradition established by Donald Hall generations of school children ago. Parents will remember

Don with his Stars & Stripes necktie.

Now a part of the tradition at Dorothy Nolan the Maple Ave Fire Company was there with the hook ní ladder truck flying the Companyís great American Flag.

Older teachers will remember the Convention of Congressional Medal of Honor recipients held in Saratoga Springs.

On a rainy Flag Day one of the Medal of Honor recipients handed his Medal to one of the students and told the student to pass it among his classmates so that each could see and feel it.