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From Fairways to Ugandan Village

Family tradition in the Fairways - the kids with help from parents run the Fairways 5k to support local charities.

This year the 12th Fairways 5k will support a village in Uganda 7200 miles away.

Not local but during school's February Vacation Week Manny Cirenza (daddy) and Ally Cirenza and other teens went to Bugembe Uganda on a humanitarian/medical mission organized through AOET (Action Organization Empowerment Team).

The Fairways 5k raised more $4,500 which purchase a refrigerator in Bugembe to store vacines and beds for children in the village of Kagoma Gate.

Leaders of the 5k were Ally (Allison) Cirenza and Maddy (Madison) O'Malley. Ally with father Manny went to Uganda with Wilton schoolmates Meg Roberts, James Eschner, Haley Perrone and Saratoga Springs classmate Laurel Green. Maddy and Julianna Roberts were not able to go to Uganda.

Parents Lynn Cirenz and Laurie O'Malley were there at the 5kl to help and encourage and backup the kids efforts.

This year the fun at the Fairways 5k only began with the race. Afterward the block party saw grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, clowns and balloon sculptures and a giant inflatable to keep the excitement high.

For information on AOET and to help: