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Bigger bets up east ave - Fasig Tipton

Hip 96 goes for $650,000 to help get Evening Two of the Fasig Tipton Sale off to a good start. After a disappointing Monday on August 6 Hip 96, the second yearling up for sale, went for a strong $650,000 and the second eveningended with average sales of $3334,727 - a 22% increase over Monday's sales.

Those are some sizable bets - and they take place in Fasig Tipton Pavilion just up East Avenue from the Saratoga Race Course. We say bets because these horses are being purchased for potential and that is a wager on the future.

Always an exciting spectacle as biders make their decisions with auctioneers doing the chant to get maximum prices.

The Pavilion and the Backyard have been renovated and it is a major tourist attraction with restaurants, refreshments and the Walking Rink to check horses before the enter the auction Pavilion.

There is also a spotter in the Backyard so you can place your wager on the horse of your dreams there.

Those bets do pay off. Funny Cide at NY Bred Sale in 2001 was purchased for $22,000.