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Hip#1opens auction at $270,000

The big bets are up East Avenue at the Fasig/Tipton Select Yearlings Auction Sale. There the bets start at $100,000 and end up in the millions.

This year's sale on August 5& 6 started with bidding on Hip 1 which ended with a bid of $270,000. Sounds great but that didn't buy the yearling. The bid did not reach the minimum set by the owners who valued the untested yearling at more.

The top bid Monday went for a filly Hip 59 at $1,225,000. Another filly went for $1,000,000 - a good evening for the ladies.

Night two - August 6 did not produce any million dollar bids - top yearling went for $750,000. . Total for the two night sales was $31,870,000. 106 yearlings were sold.

Saturday and Sunday August 10&11 saw the NY Bred Auction Sales. Traditionally commanding less robust bidding (Funny Cide sold here for $22,000 in 2001)the two evenings saw 196 yearlings sold for $14,205,000 with 43 sold for over $100,000.

Top yearling went for $430,000 - a record for NY Breds. It was two good evenings for NY Breeders.