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Fire fighters go pink to fight breast cancer

Our Saratoga Springs Fire Department is Pink For October. The picture is black&white but our fire fighters are wearing true pink.

It's their way to show support and call attention to October being the Month when the Nation shows itg support to fighting breast cancer..

Impressions of Saratoga is going all out to support their efforts. Lasy year Marianne Barker designed the Pink T-shirt for the fire fighters. T-Shirt Graphics (thanks Dennis and Eileen) did the screen printing.

This year Marianne has updated the effort with Pink on Black design.. Collectors will want both designs.

The T-Shirts are available at Impression on Broadway in Saratoga Springs.

October ends in six days so you have to hurry to get your T-shirt. Marianne will probably have a few tucked away so if you're looking for a Christmas gift in November, ask Marianne for help.

The T-shirts are an exclusive Impressions design and only available there.