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First Advantage Dental Moves Dec 2004

First Advantage Dental has moved so Saratoga Hospital can expand. That?s good for the Hospital and good for First Advantage Dental.

Saratoga Hospital is expanding and will be using most of the space on North Van Rensselaer Street for their new addition. To Doctor Steven Knoll of First Advantage Dental that was an opportunity.

Now, rather than adapting an older building like his former office on North Van Rensselaer Street Doctor Knoll and his associate, Dr William Swit, could start fresh with a brand new building and have it tailored to meet the needs of their practice.

That mean a convenient office designed for medical and dental practices just a short distance from the Hospital up Church Street. The office would have an abundance of parking, convenient handicap accessibility, modern elevator.

Treatment rooms, a laboratory, office space, friendly reception area, a kids room with toys when mom is being treated and big picture windows with nice views.

Doctor Knoll and Doctor Swit have an open invitation for you to visit their bright new office. And someone - will give you the grand tour of the office.

The Office is located at 381 Church Street - Just over the railroad bridge and just a half mile from Saratoga Hospital. First Advantage Dental is accepting new patients.

For information call 587-3831.