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Geyser School Science Fair 2012

Once more, Geyser Road School's science fair has let the students step up to put the scientific method to use studying real world examples of chemistry, physics, geometry and more,

Afterward all the students participating received a certificate and a medal. The fifth graders who had participated in all their previous grades science fairs were also given trophies.

Today, with cutting edge science using equipment like satellite telescopes and gigantic particle accelerators. The underlying method is the same one Ben Franklin revolutionized the study of electricity with, however his tools can be easily replicated at any hardware store.

That's what's inherently great about Science fairs. Their the chance to put aside learning the results of other peoples experiments in favor of designing and carrying out an experiment of your own.

Pick assumptions, extrapolate consequences, then perform experiments to see if those assumptions actually do hold up. That ultimately is the true heart of science.