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Granite & Marble March 2009

Michelangelo would love these counters

He would certainly have recognized the marble these counters were made from - Carrara marble from the Tuscany in Italy.

The quarries in Tuscany had produced marble for the Romans and itfs where Michelangelo got the marble for David. Those quarries are still producing marble today.

Margaret Roohan says that it is a thrill to be able to offer counters made Capolavoro - thatfs Italian for Masterpiece - and itfs from the Carrara quarries.

She says itfs a lustrous almost midnight black with swirls of orange that blaze from the slab of marble still uncut at Granite & Marble Works of Wilton.

Granite & Marble tries to bring slabs from different quarries around the world.

But Margaret says that a slab like the Capolavoro represents so much history and tradition with generations upon generations of skilled craftsman selecting just the finest pieces for export that she almost hates to see the slab selected for a prized kitchen or bathroom counter leave the showroom.

Donft worry Margaret the Italian artisans in Tuscany will be finding more Capolavora for export. And you will be featuring Masterpiece in your Showroom off Ballard Road on Commerce Park Drive in Wilton.

Mike and Margaret Roohan own Granite & Marble and they say with over 400 slabs in their facility in Wilton they have unique slabs that will please the most discriminating patron.

Margaret says that in addition to marble and granite they have garnet slabs from Barton Mines near Gore Mountain. And of course slabs of Danby marble from Vermont is always on display in their Showroom.

Mike says quality home and condominium construction in the Saratoga area has motivated Granite & Marble in making a major increase in their processing area behind the Showroom.

Itfs been an increase of about 50% in our finishing space. Now he says new digital equipment can direct the also new water saw with absolutely pin-point accuracy. Water saw by the way is a mislabeling. Water saws work by abrasion.

He also says that with the new digital equipment they can produce templates over old counters for new counters. So you can be using your old counter in the kitchen.

Then, same day Granite & Marble comes in, takes out your old countertop and replaces it with your new counter. Plumbing is part of the service. And you are using your new countertop to prepare dinner that night.

The Granite & Marble Showroom and Workshop is off Commerce Drive in Wilton off Ballard Road near Exit 16.

Visitors are welcomed. Please call 584-2800 for information.

Mike says with the new digital equipment and the water saw it is amazing how rapid the turn-around can be. Beautiful for Easter.