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Kathy Marchioni raises challenge April 2012

What's more Down Home American than an Ice Cream Parlor serving 36 flavors. That's Hayner's Ice Cream Hall of Fame in Halfmoon. And that's where Kathy Marchione launched her campaign to take Roy McDonald's Senate seat away from Roy.

Before a crowded and enthusiastic audience Kathy announced she would go to the Senate and she would help make New York the State where opportunity would keep the young people here with jobs and a bright future.

She declared that when she made a commitment, she would hold true to that commitment. And she contrasted that with the reversal of our present Senator's position on same sex marriage.

She also mentioned the Senator's pledge of No New Taxes with his support of Governor Cuomo and increased taxes.

This will not happen with Kathy Marchioni as your State Senator. Kathy emphasized her commitment to lower taxes, end unfunded State mandates and reduce State spending.

Surrounding Kathy were town board members of Halfmoon, Clifton Park and other Saratoga County towns. The County Conservative Coalition was there to endorse Kathy.

And the Conservative Party is expected to shortly endorse Kathy which regardless of the outcome of the Primary battle, would give her a line in the November General Election.

Kathy talked about her record of accomplishment. First as Town Clerk of Halfmoon, then as Town Supervisor before becoming the Saratoga County Clerk.

She drew applause when she recounted standing up to then Governor Spitzer and saying her office would not give auto licenses to illegal aliens.

Craig Hayner, Halfmoon Councilman, who introduced Kathy remarked the Hayner farm had been here in Halfmoon for eight generations and the farmhouse across the way pre-dated the Civil War..