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The Furnature House's Coal Stoves Aug 2008

Mario DiSiena, owner of The Furniture House, says that seven years ago he decided to double the warehouse and gallery exhibit space at the store.

He had a nice problem; he was almost unable to handle the volume of business being generated at the store.

With the increase in space he would be able to handle the sales volume but now Mario had the problem of how would he heat the new space.

Being Mario he decided this was an opportunity to find out the best way to heat his new and expanded store.

So Mario began to research and to ask questions. And he got a surprising answer.

Coal. A special kind of coal. Anthracite. This is hard coal. It burns with lots of heat, no smoke and very little clean-up needed.

The bad coal is bituminous. That's soft coal. It burns dirty with lots of smoke. The Mid-west electric generating plants burn bituminous and that's where acid rain comes from. That's not the coal Mario uses.

Mario uses anthracite. He's got a big furnace that heats his store and his warehouse and he does it with clean coal. That's important when you sell quality furniture and accessories. He also found that even though he had doubled his space, his heating bill had remained about the same.

Mario liked that. And now that heating oil costs have sky-rocketed, he likes the decision he made 7 years even more.

Mario likes to give the heat efficiency comparison between using wood pellets and anthracite coal pellets (Mario only uses anthracite pellets that come in handy 40 pound plastic bags).

A pound of wood pellets generate 7,000 BTU's. A pound of Mario's coal pellets generates 12,000 to 15,000 BTU's.

Coal is also a natural mineral and it can't absorb moisture like wood pellets. You also avoid the frequent cleaning that wood burning stoves require. There is no residual build-up with coal unlike the creosote build-up that occurs with burning wood.

Mario is sold on coal. He says the new expanded Furniture House has over 30,000 square feet and using wood or oil would cost $15,000 to $20,000 a year to heat. With the current price of oil probably much more. Last year, Mario is happy to say, the heating bill for The Furniture Store was $6,000.

Mario would like you to be happy, too. Once he saw the results he was obtaining with coal heat, Mario began checking out the options for home owners. He found an exceptional resource in Alaska Stove Company. Located in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, Alaska Stove manufactures all its stoves in America.

Mario stocks a variety of these stoves - all with self-feeding hoppers. You fill with pellets and you can relax for days before you refill.

Mario would like to invite you to visit The Furniture House and check-out these stoves.

The Furniture House also stocks the 40pound bags of pellet anthracite coal and will provide delivery service. Please call 587-9865 for information.