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MaryLou Rose Aug 5 2011

A new rose that will be gracing Saratoga Springs gardens made its debut in Saratoga August 5

Bred to John Hendrickson's specifications as a birthday present present to his wife, Marylou Whitney.

the rose went center-stage as the City of Saratoga Springs dedicated The Marylou Whitney Rose Garden by the Casino in Congress Park. The Garden is a

thank-you to Marylou for her countless acts of generosity and commitment to Saratoga Springs.

Scott Johnson, Mayor, and Commissioner Scirocco express the City's appreciation to Marylou.

The planting is a little sparse but John Hendrickson explained The mother-plant can only produce so many babies.

By this time next year the garden will be full and lush and you'll be able to place an order with Dehn's for your own Marylou Rose.

The Garden is adjacent to the Casino where Marylou has traditionally held her Whitney Gala. This year the Garden dedication is taking the place of the Gala.

The Garden is anchored by a seven foot antique three-tiered fountain which has graced Congress Park since 1870.

After the ceremonies Marylou graciously waited to talk with her well-wishers and to sign the commemorative fans.