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Mary Eddy at100 years and a day

Old friends gathered at the Watkin Apartments in Saratoga Springs to wish Mary best wishes for her one hundredth birthday. Actually her birthday was a day earlier on All Saints Day November 1st.

Mary nee Krumal was born in South Dakota in 1913. Three years later her family moved to our area - part of the way by covered wagon - and Mary still remembers that trip.

Mary might use a walker for longer excursions but she was standing tall to welcome visitors with a hug and a smile.

Daughter, Mary Longley, was keeping an eye to ensure the birthday girl wasn't overdoing and getting tired.

Not a problem. With the good judgement developed over 100 years. Mary did take a break and sit while greeting visitors.

After the birthday celebration -Mary and brother Tony, joined children, grandchildern and great-grandchildren in dinner at the Common Room of the Watkin Apartments.