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Second Gavin Park Jobs Fair April 2012

The Second Job Fair at Gavin Park April 26 found Wilton firms ranging in size from the Target and Ace Distribution Centers to smaller firms like Cudney's Cleaners and even local bank Adirondack Trust.

Joyce Ure, Cudney's general manager says that with a store in Lake Elizabeth Plaza, she is very aware of people being effected by the economy in Wilton.

The Job Fair is a way to show support to help people and she says Cudney's can use drivers and workers in the dry cleaning plant. If you weren't able to make the Job Fair, call 584-9427. to make an appointment.

Steve Porto, Rec Director, who has shepherded both Job Fairs is enthusiastically positive. Last year's Job Fair saw more than 500 visitors and a score of visitors gained employment.

This year's Job Fair saw fewer visitors. But a number of openings were filled.

Check out for a video of Steve talking on the results of the Job Fair.

The Town Board warrants a thanks for their support of this project.