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Spirit of Wilton saluted at Parkfest 2012

An All-American celebration has rides, racing pigs, music, demonstrations, on a hot July day ending with exploding fireworks lighting up the sky.

That was ParkFest July 14.

Town Supervisor Art Johnson. says it may sound a little corny but Wilton is an All-American town and proud of it. Then Art mentions Operation Adopt-A-Solder. This a grass roots operation that started right here and has sent thousands of parcels to our guys over there.

Their booth was at ParkFest spreading the word that the need is still there.

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Art Johnson, Wilton Supervisor, will tell you ParkFest is a total community effort - from the Town Board's committed support to the Rec Departments dedication under Rec Director Steve Porto to making things go right on July 14.

So you will find Art there to welcome Wilton citizens and guests - and you will find Steve everywhere from the rides to checking the parking.

Our Wilton civic groups are there to let visitors know about the Wilton Food Pantry, our Heritage Society and its museum, the Wilton Preserve - and our fire departments are putting on demonstrations, (They do invite interested people to check out joining.)