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snow at last for wilton preserve 8k

They are heading for the first turn in the Camp Saratoga 8k SnowShoe Race Feb 9. And what a contrast with the race last year in 2012.

That race had no snow - no snow but patches of ice along the trail. In fact, the Preserve had virtually no snow last year. Pieter Litchfield, snow groomer extraordinaire for the Preserve spent 3 hours total grooming snow last year.

The big snowfall February 8&9 left 10" on the Wilton Preserve and Pieter out grooming..

Massachusetts and Connecticut governors banned auto traffic on their state highways - and kept a lot of dedicated snowshoers home. Laurel Shortell of Northampton took Friday off to make the race keeping her record of consecutive races alive - 148 with Camp Saratoga.. The Camp Saratoga 8k is a qualifier for the National Snowshoe Races.

Top man Shaun Donegan 49:19. Top woman Jessica Northan 52:38. Great times in powdery snow.