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5 to 4 - A small step forward

The fastest growing and now a high-tech leading county in New York State will have four Assembly representatives this fall. And not one of those Assembly representatives lives in Saratoga County.

Well, this is better than the redistricting ten years ago. That split the County into 5 districts with one representative living in the County. And we lost that representative when Tony Jordan of Jackson in Washington County took Roy McDonald's Assembly seat.

Under the new proposed redistricting Jim Tedisco loses Saratoga Springs and picks up Clifton Park and Halfmoon. He retains Glenville which at least borders Clifton Park. Ballston and Charlton.

Tony Jordan now adds Saratoga Springs and Moreau to his District. Theresa Sayward loses Moreau, retains Corinth, Day, Edinburgh, Hadley.

Ron Canestrari retains Waterford.

Bob Reilly who had represented Hlfmoon and Clifton Park loses them and adds Jim Tedisco's Schenectady areas to his Colonie areas.

The last time Saratoga County had one assemblyman representing the whole County was with Bobby D'Andrea in the seventies. With the growth of population in the County redistricting every ten years broke up the County but Bobby continued to represent Saratoga and Warren Counties, then Saratoga and Washinton Counties and a bit of Rensselaer County..

With the last redistricting in 2002 Bobby was going to be placed in a new District with Jim Tedisco. Bobby retired before the redistricting took place and Roy McDonald of Wilton succeeded Bobby.

Roy was now the only Assemblyperson of five who lived in Saratoga County. When Roy was elected to the seat of retiring Senator Joe Bruno, Tony Jordan of Jackson in Washington County took over as Assemblyman for his District.

Saratoga County is the bright light of the Capital District. With Global Foundries already in production and soon to go full blast, our County is generating world-wide fame.

It would seem to make sense having a spokesperson in the Assembly who can speak for the new hi-tech business developing around the Global Foundries Chip Plant in Malta.