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Wilton Republicans say no to Roy March 2012

If redistricting of Senate lines holds, Wilton will lose Hugh Farley as its Senator and gain Roy McDonald as it's Senator.

But not if the Wilton Republican Committee has any say in the matter.

The Committee in its February meeting decided to endorse Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin of Schachticoke in Rensselaer County.

McLaughlin had not yet formally announced he is seeking the Senate seat but he smiled at Wilton Committee's endorsement..

McLaughlin has since announced he will not challenge Roy

and will seek re-election to the Assembly.

Perhaps, McDonald's support of the same-sex marriage law and his comment about criticism "They can take the job and shove it" was a factor in the Wilton Committee's decision.

Elaine Gerber, vice-chair of the Committee was quoted in the NY Times as saying "If I said that to the person who hired me, I would be fired. Obviously, he didn't care if I fired him."

Other members of the Committee expressed concern about McDonald supporting Governor Cuomo's tax plans with their increases.

The decision by the Committee and there were dissenting voters led by Town Chair Scott Kingsley reflects the continuing turmoil in Republican politics in Wilton.

Three years ago insurgent Republicans defeated two sitting Republican Town Council members. Last fall an endorsed candidate was defeated in the Town's Republican Primary. Today, 3 to 2 votes have become common on the Town Council.

What a contrast with the 22 years Roy McDonald served as Town Supervisor. Roy would say that was when leadership help the Town establish the No Town Tax policy still in force thirty years later and helped developed the Exit 15 commercial zone and the Exit 16 Target and Ace Distribution Centers.

In Saratoga County Malta and Halfmoon have decided not to endorse McDonald. Stillwater is for McDonald. The Washington County Republican Committee has endorsed McDonald

On March 11 Roy was guaranteed a spot on the November Ballot when the Independence Party endorsed Roy at it meeting in the Holiday Inn Saratoga.

Saratoga/Wilton Elks Donnybrook!!!

How appropriate. St Patrick's Day March 17 and the Saratoga County Republican Committee is meeting at the Elks Lodge in Wilton to discuss endorsement of candidates..

No endorsement for a candidate in Roy's 43rd District was made.

County Clerk Kathy Marchioone will be challenging Roy in the Reoublican Primary.

Kathy did not formally announce her candidacy at the Saturday Meeting - but it was clear her supporters in the Towns of Halfmoon and Clifton Park which had not endorsed Roy were just waiting for Kathy to say let's go.

Kathy who had been Supervisor of Halfmoon before becoming County Clerk can expect to receive the enthusiastic endorsement of those communities.

Kathy is noted for telling then Governor Elliott Spitzer in 2007 that there was no way her office which handles drivers' licenses would issue licenses to illegal aliens.

Meanwhile, John Jasper Nolan and the County Republican Committee will withhold endorsements in this race. Jasper who has publicly said the County should endorse Roy will be having another meeting of the Committee with - Jasper hopes - all members present.

The County Conservative Party which opposes Roy for his vote on the same sex marriage bill and his support for Governor Cuomo's tax increases will be deciding if they endorse Kathy.

Kathy has now secured the support of the Town of Saratoga Roy's home community.