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Saratoga National 5k Oct 17 2010

Alex Paley leading after the hill climb by the stream in the Saratoga National Classic 5k turned and began to enter the parking lot of the Ferndell Pavilion.

Wrong turn and Tim Vanorden in second place called out to alert Paley of the mistake,

Alex recovered and with no more wrong turns came home in 15:40 for a first place finish. Tim came in second in 15:59.

Michelle Binsfeld was the first woman finisher in 19:22. Good sportsmanship and a nice touch for a great day for racing. More than 400 runners competed in the 10th Annual Saratoga National Classic at the Spa Parl

Kids 1k followed the 5k at 11am. Proceeds from the race benefit the Saratoga Center for the Family.