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When the community benefits, we benefit

Charles V Wait, president of Adirondack Trust looked like a figure from The Great Gatesby Saturday June 1 on the lawns of SPAC.

Very appropriate garb because Wait was at SPAC to help Saratoga 150 kick-off its summer-long festival to celebrate the 150th anniversary of thoroughbred racing in Saratoga.

Wait and the Adirondack Trust Company are founding members of Saratoga 150 and he will tell you thoroughbred racing is a linchpin of our local economy (even with the arrival of Global Foundries)

That's why the Trust Company and other founding members like Stewarts, NYRA, Mary Lou Whitney and John Hendrickson are using the Saratoga 150 celebration to remind us of our heritage and to invite us join a myriad of events this summer

Wait will tell you Adirondack Trust is taking a leadership in this celebration just as it had done 50 years ago for the 100th Anniversary Celebration of racing in Saratoga. At that time his father Newman "Pete" Wait led the bank's participation in the event.

Charles - 16 at the time - did his bit with his boy scout troop preparing chicken barbecue on Broadway.

Charles will also tell you this celebration was part of a turning point in Saratoga's history. The City was on a downturn but with the efforts of his bank and good citizens the Holiday Inn was built and the City began its turn-around.

Charles is proud of thecommitment of the Trust Company then. And he will tell you officers at the bank demonstrate that commitment on a personal level every day today.

. .You'll find our people in every community organization working to support that organization and our community.

In 1972 the first shopping mall in Wilton was being built. Rumors said the bank was planning to build new headquarters outside downtown, Newman "Pete" Wait said the bank was staying in downtown and three buildings adjacent to the bank to the west would be converted to use by the bank.

The bow windows running down Church Street mark where the renovation was done.

The American Bankers Association has named The Adirondack Trust Company one of the top 200 community banks in America.Charles Wait might say that you get to be a top 200 community bank by working to improve and better your community. As "Pete" would say, If it makes the community better, it makes us better."

Charles says to look for him and Mary Lou Whitney and John Hendrickson, PR Legends Ed and Maureen Lewi, Retired Chamber president Joe Dalton, Michele and Ron Riggi, Bill Dake and a host of Adirondack Trust workers at every Saratoga 150 event.

Check out Page 12 for another event Adirondack Trust is a major sponsor fo.