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Saratoga Horse Expo Oct 15 2011

Guy McLean, Australian horse trainer, and his four unbridled horses put on a dazzling display of synchronized movement at the Saratoga Horse & Tack Expo Oct 15.

McLean and his horses were the featured performers on the track before the grandstand of the Expo.

This is the first year the Expo has been at the Saratoga Racetrack and will return next year.

The Expo is being held to inform people about the plans to create the Saratoga Horse Park in our area..

Currently, the Horse Park is proposing a 600 acrea between Putnam and Bullard Lanes in Wilton to be developed as an educational, recreational and environmentally responsible venue.

The Saratoga Horse Park promises to further enhance Saratoga's reputation as an equestrian center.

Visit for more information.