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to make a difference

That was the motivation Paul Tonko said that inspired Joanne Yepsen to seek the Office of Mayor of Saratoga Springs.

On January 1 the largest inaugural audience ever packed the Canfield Casino to see Joanne and the other elected officials of Saratoga Springs take their oaths of office at the swearing-in ceremony by

City Judge Jeffrey Wait.

After Joanne Yepsen, Michele Madigan, Chris Mathiesen, John Franck, Skip Scirocco, Matt Veitch and Peter Martin were sworn-in the first City Council Meeting of 2014 was held.

The re-elected Commissioners as first order of business re-appointed their current deputies.

The newcomer to the Board Joanne Yepsen appointed Joseph Ogden Deputy Mayor, Gayle LaSelle, Executive Assistant, Sarah Burger City Attorney, Anthony Izzo, Assistant City Attorney.

Yepsen commented Izzo has held this post for 20 years and will help provide a effective transition.

Yepsen will oppose a Las Vegas type Casino coming to Saratoga Springs. She will work to ensure what ever decision is made on Casino gaming it will not have a negative effect on downtown Saratoga Springs.

It was a huge audience in the Canfield Casino and reflects concern and anticipation.

Joanne will give specifics on her agenda for Saratoga Springs January 28 at the City Center.