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Saratoga LipDub Sept 1 2011

sound of train roars down broadway in saratoga

Actually, it was the sound track of the Rock band Train and Saratoga Lip Dub September 1

The Lip Dub is a major PR project of the Saratoga Chamber (privately funded) to promote the Saratoga area.

The viral spot will be on YouTube later this month..

With thousands participating the Lip Dub proceeded from the City Center featuring vignettes of characteristic Saratoga groups dancing to the music - even the bankers at The Adirondack Trust Company joined in.,

The full crew of Impressions with their doggie friends in Impressions T-Shirts did the dance to Hey Soul Sister. .

Ballerinas in front of the Arcade Building did pirouettes (SPAC and Ballet is now a Saratoga tradition) and young musicians on the corner of Phila played classical music

to counter Drops of Jupiter/

Train was chosen for the music track because drummer Scott Underwood is a Saratoga High graduate.