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Line started early on chilly morn

Wednesday during School Vacation Week is now the day families take the kids to the Spa Park and help stock the Geyser Brook with brown trout.

That's the way it was Wednesday April 3. The line had already formed at 10 and by 11 when the tank truck with fish arrived the line had stretched from the Geyser Parking Lot to climbing set and to the other side of the little tributary to the Brook.

For parents and grandparents like former Saratoga Springs Mayor Mike O'Connell - first time for Mike - it was an occasion and an opportunity to visit one of our Saratoga wonders.

The brown trout are from the State's Van Hornesville Fish Hatchery and after the kids release their fish, the Geyser Brook flows into the Kayaderosseras Creek which flows into Saratoga Lake which flows into the Hudson and its a big world out there.

The fish stocking next year in 2014 will be on April 16 and that should be much, much warmer. So plan now to be early and bring a picnic basket.