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34 years and still running strong

The St Peter Key Runs mark the beginning of springs races. The schools have been running but organized races outside school begin with the St Peter Key - and has for 34 years now.

This yearís event found new directors taking over from Jeff and Laura Clark. Laura was still there to offer help and advice. Directors Dr Adam and Dr Beth Favro said they could use every bit of help.

With the 10k at 9 - the family one mile walk and run at 10:30 - and the crowd favorite 5k at 11 - there was a challenge for almost everyone.

Hopefully, the Favros will be back for Number 35 next year.

Geyser teacher wins St Peter Key 10k

Dana Bush finishes in 37.25 April 20 in the St Peter Key 10k. Thatís 4th overall and 6:73 over the next woman. When the race starts, you can see Dana start her timer to measure how she does. Dana, you do very well and Geyser School is proud of you.