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Albany, Lay all the cards on the table

That was a key message in Mayor Scott Johnson's State of the City address January 17 at the City Center.

This November we will be asked to vote on having additional Casinos in New York State. And we will not know where these casinos will be located..

Three somewhere in Upstate New York but where. To Mayor Johnson that is not right. If citizens are going to vote on casinos, let the citizens know where they are to go.

Johnson pointed out the economic importance of thoroughbred racing and our gaming racino to our City and our area..

With Congressman Paul Tonko, Assemblyman Tony .Jordan and Senator Kathy Marchione in the audience this was a message for Albany.

It was also probably the one bit of certainity for the City. Johnson had the pleasure of reporting a strong economy in Saratoga, completion of the public/private partnership for the new downtown garage and all signs pointing to the economy continuing to move ahead in the City.

Johnson ended his address with a plea to fellow council members to work together for the good of the City.