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lot show up for the lot

The Lot is the former used car dealership on Rt 9 just pass the Maple Ave and Northern Pines traffic light.

On April 17 a lot of concerned Wilton citizens attended the monthly Planning Board meeting at the Town Hall.

They were concerned about what was going to take the place of The Lot.

Gordon Companies of Albany was seeking final approval for its proposal for The Lot which it had begun more than a year before. The Proposal emphasized a commitment to the Town’s Master Plan for Development which emphasized a hamlet approach for this area.

Their development would be anchored by a large (larger than the Wilton Lowe’s) mixed apartment and commercial building..

In accordance with the hamlet concept the building would be situated relatively close to Rt 9 and have have sidewalks.

Representing builder Tom Farone whose Heritage and Renaissance Apartment complexes are near-by Attorney Arthur Brick said Farone had no problem with apartments being built in this area but they should be in appropriate scale for Wilton.

Brick also brought up flaws he claimed in the approval process brought before the Planning Board. He cited a tunnel for fire fighting access which he wondered how a fire truck could use.

In answer to his concerns the fire access tunnel was for fire fighters and trucks would not use it according to protocol.

Chairman Chuck Dobis of the Planning Board said the Board was concerned with overall projects. the Town’s Building Code Inspector checks out safety and building standards.

General concern was that Wilton not go on a high rise frenzy and start doing a “Malta approach” to development.

The Board taking the views expressed under consideration has postponed making a decision until the next Board Meeting on May 15.