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Track 2011 Final Breakfast Sept 5 2011

8am on Day 40 Sep 5

The last day of the 143rd Meeting at Saratoga and it's damp, the track is muddy and half the track side tables for Breakfast at the Track are empty.

And that's the way the final day is.

Track people have packed and are ready to return to the City and Belmont.

Now is time to wind down and that's the feeling in the air. You will see smiles on the faces though as they packup on the final rainy day.

NYRA has had an extraodinary summer Meeting. In America where betting handle is dropping at Total attendance was 871,772 - down 0.7% from last year - but last year had 40 days of racing this year Hurricane Irene eliminated 1 day..

Daily attendance though was 22,353 - that's up 1.8% over last year.

Bottom line is handle. Total on-track for Saratoga was $121,101,664. That's up 5.6% and it would have been more if a day had not been lost to !rene.

The daily 8.3% average was $3,105,171.

Saratoga remains the most successful track in the country.