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Rosie wins first race? Rosie wins first race - pays $2820 to start meeting

Rosie Napravnik leaves the Paddock on

Nine O Wonderful for first race of

144th Meeting at Saratoga.

Rosie wins first race - her first win

at Saratoga at odds of 13 to 1.

. Congratulations Rosie - what a great start for the Meeting and she also wins the Fifth Race on Kauuai Katie .

Rosie was the number 4 in jockey standings at Belmont this spring. Friday's results promise a great meeting in Saratoga. Keep it up.

Attendance at the track Friday was 25,676 - up 2% over last year's attendance.

This Sunday July 29 is baseball cap giveaway day . With every paid admission you get a free baseball cap - while supplies last.

Picnic mat giveaway August 12 - Pilsener Glass giveaway August 19 and the Fleece Blanket giveaway September 2.