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Governor - open up!

That's the message Tony Jordan and our community leaders are delivering to Governor Cuomo.

The Governor is shepherding a bill through the Legislature that will allow for the establishment of three casinos in up-state New York. Where in up-state New York we don't know and the Governor is not telling us.

That has not made Senator Kathy Marcione, Assemblymen Tedisco and Jordan; our Saratoga City Council and our County Board of Supervisors happy. Joining their ranks are our two Todds, Todd Shimkus, president of the Chamber and Todd Garofano head of the Convention Bureau.

Everyone was gathered in front of City Hall Monday morning March 9 to talk about the Transparency Bill to be introduced in the Assembly. by our representatives. The Bill would say in effect Tell us Governor, where do you plan to locate the Casinos.

Voters this fall will be voting blindfolded to amend the State Constitution permitting casinos.

Kathy Marchione says that's not right. We have our Racino and it is ready-to-go. Voters will support Saratoga so let them vote for Saratoga. When casinos come, our thoroughbred racing in Saratoga has to be protected. With the Racino designated as one of the three up-state casinos. Saratoga will remain the center of legal gaming in up-state New York.

Let the Governor know we support our representatives and that the Saratoga community wants citizens to know where casinos are going when they vote this November.