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Rt 50 Station ready to serve Wilton

The Wilton Fire Company showed off its new station at 4323 Rt 50 (across from Living Springs Church) Saturday November 3. And it was an eye-opener.

Space for six bays, three of them drive-throughs, command center with state-of-the-art technological equipment, changing rooms, rest areas and a lounge for

fire-fighters waiting the call to duty.

Fire Chief Bill Morgan will tell you the station represents a community investment of $2.5 million. He'll also tell you the Fire Company monitored every aspect of the building to ensure Wil;ton got more than $2.5 million worth of building.

Now, with Station #1 on Ballard Road every Wilton home in the District will be quickly accessible and that is helping fire insurance rates on the eastside of Wilton.

Chief Morgan says the Company welcomes men and women who want to serve their community. In fact, several new members have joined the Company since construction began. Please call 584-3338 or visit