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Wilton Flooring March 2005

Rich Amo of Wilton Floor Flooring talks about how you succeed in business and says it really isn?t a secret

We rely on satisfied customers he says and there is really no secret in how you satisfy customers.

First and foremost: you have to have quality and selection. That means top names like Shaw and Mohawk with a full sellection of sampoles of their latest syles and fashions.

Rich is especially proud of their newest featuted name. That?s

Helios and it is carpeting made from the world?s finest wools. That is wool from New Zealand. Rich says we all know the mountain meadows where those sheep pastured because that is where the Lord of the Rings was filmed.

Secondly: Rich says that you have to listen and know what the customer wants. And Rich says it is vital to visit the customers home with samples so the customer knows the carpeting or flooring will be right.

This is also when Wilton Floor Covering measures the actual floor.

Rich says customers may estimate and the right amount of flooring is too important for estimates. We don?t want to have to order more - or not have enough.

Third: always remember it is the customers home and the flooring has to be right, installed right and the customer has to be pleased and satisfied.

That?s our secret - and we are willing to share it with our friends in the Saratoga area.

Rich says he and his staff welcome telphone inquiries and that they can discuss what the home owner has in mind and they pay home visits with the appropriate samples

Wilton Floor Covering is located at 400 Ballard Road. That is just east of the traffic light (the second light after the Route 50 arterial) at Ballard Road and Route 9. Call 584-4146 or email: