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Full day at Wilton Preserve - 1st Fire Tower Then Trail Day, Delagan Pond, Karner blues

9am June 1 Larry Gordon presented the ranger cabin by the fire Tower to the Wilton community and the Wilton Preserve.

The cabin dedicated to Donald Collins, businessman, boy scout supporter and founder of DA Collins Construction Company, saw grandson David unveil the plaque honoring Collins.

Gordon in his remarks said that as a member of the County Planing Board Collins had been a vigorous supporter of positive economic development in the County,

The cabin situated next to the Fire Tower is typical of the cabins that adjoin Adirondack Fire Towers. It is also made from timber from the site that was cleared for the fire tower..

BOCE's students and the Wilton Town Building worked together to erect the cabin

The Preserve joined the celebration of National Trail Day with Festival Day. Visitors were invited to explore the multitude of trails in the Preserve (the same trails when snow is available that make the Preserve the cross-country favorite for skiers), take guided Karner blue butterfly tours, explore the diversity of life in Delagan Pond.

Beth Bidwell presented her program on raptors and other animals. Scouts again had hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill. The Tower was open for panoramic views of Wilton.

Runners will love the Monday fun runs through the Preserve. They start at 530 Monday July 8 and August 19 for 5k.

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