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A Happy Building is a community effort

That was Bill Dake's description of the new addition to the Wilton Y. On Saturday December 1 +

Bill was the final speaker welcoming visitors to the Opening of the new addition for the Wilton Y. As he described the work, the cooperation, the passion that had gone into this building, Bill could not find problems to talk about.

If there had been a problem compensating for a 35 foot drop in elevation from the front to the back of the building, neighbor Bill Morris of Morris Excavating had solutions for handling the problem.

Dake said he received the same response from builders, Bast Hatfield. There was a problem, here are choices of solutions.

That made for a happy Dake.

Wilton now has a 35,000 sq ft addition to the tennis facility. Now, Wilton has a 8,100 sq ft fitness center - larger than the one at West Avenue. A bright gymnastic area - with tall windows - what a contrast with the gloomy previous area.

Sparkling new facilities and locker rooms - a full size half-court basketball area.

And for Bill whose family's Dake Foundation had contributed $1 million for the expansion - efforts by him and by all involved had kept costs to $75 per sq ft.

Jim Lett, Saratoga Y head, set the tone at the opening of the Wilton addition. It was a time for thank you's and acknowledgements.

A thank you for the Dake Foundation whose $1 million donation gave the momentum to make the facility possible. Mike and Linda Toohey who kept the momentum going..

Mike and Margaret Roohan who furnish the counter tops from their Granite and Marble Showroom. Bill Morris, a Wilton neighbor whose Morris Excavating crews kept the project on time and under budget.

Architect John Muse - always flexible and always aware of budget.

Then, Jim introduced Bill Dake who gave the final remarks - and Bill summed it all up as a building built for an amazing $75 a sq ft.

And a building built by a team working together. That makes for a happy building.

Saturday morning December 1 saw happy faces at a new facility that our community can be proud of.

The Y welcomes visitors. The facility is behind Wal-Mart on Old Gick Road.