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WYB pauses to salute Steve Arpey
Steven C, Arpey
September 1, 1962 - April 23, 2013

Steve Arpey was there to help start Wilton Youth Baseball. And he served on the Board and he coached teams and he was always on hand to root for our Wilton teams.

His Laura is on our Board now and Steve's children are on our rosters. Steve has passed on and WYB remembers him. Usually, Supervisor Art Johnson starts the WYB spring season with the first pitch.

This year in a salute to Steve, his sons, Christian (11) and Jared (8) threw out the first pitches to begin the spring season of Wilton Youth Baseball.

To help the Arpey family in this time of transission contributions can be made through WYB to help the Arpey family. . Please, visit for detailsz.