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Wilton - New Rules, New Congressman

Wilton will not be voting for Republican Chris Gibson this November..

Chris will be running for re-election in a District encircling Albany County to the south stretching from Massachusetts and Connecticut to Otsego and Delaware Counties.

Instead Wilton will now have the choice of voting for Democrat Bill Owens with an office in Plattsburgh or his Republican opponent.

Our Saratoga Springs neighbor to the south and west will join Halfmoon, Malta, Clifton Park and half of Stillwater in the Albany District now represented by Paul Tonko.

Probably not good news for Wilton and Saratoga Springs. Chris Gibson maintains his district headquarters in Saratoga Springs. For us that's easy access to personal meeting, if not the Congressman, his key local representatives.

Now, Wilton, Saratoga, half of Stillwater, Greenfield, Galway and the rest of Saratoga County in the 21st District will find their Congressman with his office in Plattsburgh. Provided Owens wins re-election this November.

That's not a given. As a Democrat Owens won election in 2009 in a Special Election. That victory was confirmed in 2010 in the regular General Election.

Owens was helped in both Elections by the Conservative Party running a candidate which divided up the conservative vote. This the largest and mostly rural district in New York and has tended to vote Republican.

Owens may not be fortunate to have a third party candidate this year but he is still an incumbent and that helps.

Our neighbors in Saratoga Springs and Malta will probably be traveling to Albany if they want to speak with a Congressional representative. Paul Tonko succeeded long-time Congressman Mike McNulty in the 2008 Election.

Paul would be the favorite in this fall's election.

Lots of changes and we'll be following who is nominated and the races in future Reports.