We focus on what’s GOOD in our communities!  We mail more than 10,000 Reports into these communities.  People like to read the reports and THANK us for making them!
This is the kind of positive environment where your message will resonate.

If you’re interested in advertising in one or both of the reports, here’s our advertising rates.  Color is available on some pages for a markup is $84 for ads larger than 5×5, $56 for 5×5 ads and $28 for smaller ads.  (The markup is the same in both reports)

Ad SizeWilton PriceGeyser/Milton PriceBoth Reports
2 1/2 X 2 1/2"$75$65$127
2 1/2 X 5" (H, V)$150$125$250
5 X 5"$250$225$430
1/3 Page (10x4 1/2", 5x9")$395$350$675
Half Page (10x7")$575$485$963
4/5 Page (10x10")$799$685$1347
Full Page (10x14")$1050$865$1742
1x6" color Front Page(1 only)$197$175$337

We will accept other sizes, priced based on the closest modular size.

Here’s a rough outline of the coverage of the Wilton Report and the Geyser/Milton Report